Membrane Switches (touchpads) for NexDex and Dexter Stack Controllers

NexDex Membrane Switch

NexDex Membrane Switch $15

Important! Please read below before purchasing.


Dexter Membrane Switch $15

Important! Please read below before purchasing:

The connector for the membrane switch on the Dexter stack controller is no longer available. Technology moves forward and Molex has delegated them to obsolescence. This creates problems for people who have broken connectors and need their units repaired. We have searched for a suitable close replacement to no avail. The available connectors are either too small, or will not fit well enough to perform to our standard

We decided that the best option going forward is to use simple header pins on the board and add a crimp-style connector to the end of the ribbon cable (see images above). These are probably the most widely used in the industry so obsolescence should not be a problem for a very long time to come. If you have any Dexter units with broken old-style connectors we can upgrade them as well.

Both the Dexter and the NexDex controllers can be modified to accept the old-style or the new-style crimp connectors. Futhermore, the NexDex can be configured to accept membrane switches with the ribbon cable positioned towards the bottom (part # 9801-059-002) used on 9857-133-xxx controllers, or towards the top (part #9801-059-006) used on the later controllers.

To put all this another way: the NexDex boards can accept old and new style membrane switches and connectors. Your Dexter controllers can be modified to accept crimp-style connectors. If you have old scrapped boards with good connectors on them, we can install them on your NexDex or your Dexters sent in for repair if so desired.