About Us: Why are we the best?

Our NexDex Controller / Computer for Dexter Stacked Dryers has an extremely high reliability rate. If it ever does fail, it will never be deemed ‘scrapped or not repairable’ due to a burned out microcontroller chip. Our microcontroller chips are totally replaceable. Inflation has made the 25 cent drying cycle a thing of the past. Even the maximum $1 vend is no longer convenient for many. One of the great advantages of this controller is that the vend price can be increased to as high as $9.95 with a vend count down feature that can be enabled in programming mode – as coins are deposited, the remaining balance updates on the display. These features alone can help sustain profitability, making the NexDex a worthwhile investment for many years to come. Please click the appropriate image above to find out more, or visit eBay to read our reviews.

One of the other things we do is repair Dexter® stack dryer computer controllers. Our deep knowledge of the circuits means that we succeed where others fail.  We also repair, reprogram and sell the Micro-Wand Microwand IIIe for Speed Queen Netmaster Alliance. For more information simply select STORE above then scroll down.

You want repairs done quickly and you want to pay reasonable prices. You want repaired parts to work right the first time around, and you want your controllers to work trouble free for years to come. We understand, and it is with this understanding we offer our services to you.

QZE Technologies has over thirty years of experience working with complex technologies. Our experience within the commercial washer/dryer industry includes Speed Queen, Huepsh, Maytag, ADC, Washex, Unimac, and Primus.

It goes without saying that the world is a highly competitive place and realizing profits is not always easy. Please consider us your business partner. We are committed to the idea that saving you money is vital to your business success as well as ours. We do the very best job possible for you, and in so doing, your repair and replacement costs should drastically reduce over time. In short, you will want to return to us time and again. Our philosophy is simple: Your success is our success.

Lastly, please be wary of companies who seemingly offer everything at very little cost to you. These companies are usually not able to come through with their promises. They gamble that you will not have need to call on them to back up their promises. We advise you conduct an online search for negative reviews in particular on any company with which you are thinking of doing business.