Repair Rebuild Service: Dexter Stack Dryer Computer Controller for DL2X30 DDAD30 & DDAD50

Price $59.00  return shipping FREE within U.S.

Please read information below. Please select ‘Add to Cart’ then the number of units you would like repaired. Pay through PayPal and ship units to:

QZE Technologies
246 Mulberry Dr
Dallas, Georgia 30157-6574

If you prefer, simply mail the parts in with contact information and pay when repairs are completed.

Repair rebuild includes a one year conditional warranty. Warranty covers normal wear and tear. Warranty does not cover damage caused by neglect, vandalism, fire, water, external power surges, natural disasters. Under such circumstances we will make every effort to resolve your problems on an at-cost basis. Membrane switches (touch pads) are not covered, but can easily be replaced.

We will in most cases return repaired units within two days of receiving them.