NexDex Stack Dryer Computer Control Controller for Dexter DL2X30 DDAD30 & DDAD50 9857-147-010 etc


NexDex 9857-147-xxx Computer Controller Control for Dexter Stack Dryer
NexDex for Dexter $459 with free Priority Shipping within the US
NexDex for Girbau (black) $469 with free Priority Shipping within the US

If you currently own Dexter® stack controllers, take a look at the back of the smaller display board. If it is a newer type, you will see a thin black square about the size of a postage stamp. This is a surface mounted microcontroller chip. The trend in the industry is to use this type because they are cheaper to buy, and cheaper to place onto the boards using automated equipment. The problem is that they tend to burn out sooner…sometimes in less than a year, rendering your board non-repairable. Your only option at that point is to purchase a new computer/controller. If you have been in this business for long you might have noticed older boards lasting for ten years or more before the microcontroller ever fails. This is due in large part to the through-hole chips then in wide use. They are thicker, more robust and better able to handle the heat that all microcontrollers generate.

Inflation has made the 25 cent drying cycle a thing of the past. Even the maximum $1 vend is no longer convenient for many. One of the great advantages of this controller is that the vend price can be increased to as high as $9.95 with a vend count down feature that can be enabled in programming mode – as coins are deposited, the remaining balance updates on the display. These features alone can help sustain profitability, making the NexDex a worthwhile investment for many years to come.

The NexDex combines the best of the older technologies with the best of the new for superior overall quality, even though it costs us more to manufacture. We only use through-hole microprocessor chips, and if they ever do fail, we are able to replace them. In short, the NexDex will NEVER be scrapped or deemed non-repairable due to a failed chip. This should be a very important consideration when choosing your next computer controller in terms of substantially reducing your operating costs over time.

The NexDex is built for reliability and long life, boasting a superior design and state of the art components. We have done away with the outmoded fluorescent vacuum display in favor of a state of the art LED display. Comparing the two types of displays is similar to comparing the old vacuum tube television sets of times past to the flat screens we use today. The LED displays shine longer and brighter while consuming less energy. The power supply system is highly effective in filtering out noise while handling input voltages ranging from 110VAC to 220VAC (110 VAC preferred).

The NexDex computer controller is the preferred replacement for computer part numbers 9857-147-001, 9857-147-004, 9857-147-010, 9857-133-001, 9857-133-004, 9857-127-001, 9857-127-004 in Dexter® and Continental Girbau® commercial stack dryers. The NexDex truly stands out as the best choice.

Sold with a one year conditional warranty. Warranty covers component failure under normal use. Warranty does not cover damage caused by neglect, vandalism, fire, water, external power surges, and natural disasters. Under such circumstances we will make every effort to resolve your problems on an at-cost basis. Membrane switches (touchpads) are not covered, but can easily be replaced.