NexDex Stack Dryer Computer Control Controller for Dexter DL2X30 DDAD30 & DDAD50 9857-147-010 etc NexDex   $450.00  Shipping FREE within U.S.
NexDex 9857-147-xxx Computer Controller Control for Dexter Stack Dryer
NexDex for Continental Girbau (black) $460 with free Priority Shipping within the US
Dexter/NexDex Membrane Switch 9801-059-006Q (Upper Ribbon)  $18
Dexter/NexDex Membrane Switch 9801-059-002Q (lower ribbon) $18
Program,  Repair, or Purchase of Micro-Wand MicroWand IIIe for Speed Queen Netmaster Alliance. You send your wand to us along with the infra-red emitter cup. We repair, and/or program, test and return to you. If you prefer, you can pay later. Simply ship to us with full contact/return information. Once repaired we will invoice you by PayPal. Our shipping address is: QZE Technologies, 246 Mulberry Dr, Dallas, GA 30157-6574   If you are interested in purchasing a wand, please contact us due to the fact that the supply is limited at any given time.
Programming Service $69
Repair Service $495