NexDex Stack Dryer Computer Control Controller for Dexter DL2X30 DDAD30 & DDAD50 9857-147-010 etc NexDex   $459.00  Shipping FREE within U.S.
NexDex 9857-147-xxx Computer Controller Control for Dexter Stack Dryer
NexDex for Continental Girbau (black) $469 with free Priority Shipping within the US
Dexter/NexDex Membrane Switch 9801-059-006Q (Upper Ribbon)  $18
Dexter/NexDex Membrane Switch 9801-059-002Q (lower ribbon) $18
Program,  Repair, or Purchase of Micro-Wand MicroWand IIIe for Speed Queen Netmaster Alliance. 
This programming service is intended for wands that were in working order until programming was lost due to a battery drain. You send your wand to us along with the infra-red emitter cup. We program, test and return to you. Our shipping address is: QZE Technologies, 246 Mulberry Dr, Dallas, GA 30157-6574  
Programming Service $69
We also offer a Micro Wand Repair Service for the Speed Queen Alliance MicroWand IIIe by Hand Held Products. Simply ship the wand and infra-red emmiter cup to us along with your contact information including email, mailing address and phone number. We will invoice you by Paypal $495.00 when repaired. The vast majority of wands are repairable, but if not repairable, we will charge a $39.00 evaluation fee and return your wand. Free return shipping to U.S. destinations. If you prefer, you can purchase the repair service in advance by clicking the green buy button. Please ship to: QZE Technologies, 246 Mulberry Dr, Dallas, GA 30157-6574
Repair Service $495
If you are interested in purchasing a wand, please contact us due to the fact that the supply is limited at any given time.